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Adam Kushner:
The Path to Inbound Marketing


Let us begin the story at the age of seven, when I started selling car repair and service at my Dad’s European car repair shop in Central Pennsylvania.

By 8th grade, I was already on the move and working two jobs. Seems that I've always brought physicality and commitment to my work. I rode my bicycle 18 miles each way on weekends to my second job, as a bicycle mechanic.

And so it began...

Swedish Motors

I lived in Jamaica for a year when I was 14. Far from lounging on a beach, I learned a lot from their culture– one of respect and discipline- and really broadened my world view.

Attending the Culinary Institute of America for college seemed a natural step after apprenticing at a French restaurant in my hometown. I did not return from my year-long internship because I landed a job as Patissier Chef at the top rated, Top of the Tower Restaurant, in Boca Raton, Florida. 

My Culinary path brought more than a year of French, a service and sales business, I learned all parts of the business. The path to restaurant ownership, then multiple restaurants, seemed too long for the pay off. This was before Celebrity Chef, was a viable path.  

I distanced myself from the culinary path when my inner geek re-surfaced (I built my first website when I was about 10) and went back to school for computer programming.  Having ironed out the basics of search engine optimization building computer gaming enthusiast websites, and the revenue model of showing ads, I moved on to point of sale and customer relationship management.  

I returned to the digital path and developed a shop management system for my families auto repair shop and they ran the business on it for 3 years. Watching a true custom solution deployed changed my perspective on software. When software is created around a process and people it is a beautiful thing.  

I continued to build tools for the auto repair shop. Prior to companies like Demandforce, I developed a custom Auto Repair Shop CRM that we ran on for years. eventually, I decided that could not compete with Demandforce and my priority should be on advancing the service experience for customers, not supporting the software myself.

To date I have visited every state in the continental U.S. and traveled through most of northern Mexico and southern Canada. I’ve visited western Europe and believe traveling, exploring and adventuring in other countries is one of the best educations available.

I find that immersion is truly the only way to understand a culture.

I enjoy visiting our clients to truly understand how to help them grow.  I enjoy being part of their growth and success. I also find that when we partner with our clients everyone succeeds. 


Challenges attract me.

After my first 14,000 ft. summit, I decided to summit the same mountain twice in one day so I could turn a 14k peak into a 28k peak– the elevation of Mount Everest.

I summited my first mountain on an Outward Bound Trip at 14. We summitted two of the highest peaks in Oregon. I got hooked.  (Image courtesy of Wikipedia - Unfortunately, I'm not sure I have my own images from this)

I find that until we push our limits we cannot truly know what is possible. Also that growth comes from challenging ourselves.

I have a 5 year old daughter who I am teaching to code because I believe it is truly the universal language. She also loves to ride her bicycle, even in the winter time, and she enjoys sushi– just like I do. In the next 6 Months she may be better on a mobile device that I am, because her generation will skip the desktop.

My daughter's middle name is Everest, because she will have no limits in what she will accomplish. (Mars sounded a bit off for a name.)

Many years ago, a friend of mine talked me into doing a 200 mile bike race. I did it. Training and raising money, participating in charity rides as I trained. Then I went on to complete both Ironman Distance Triathlons and Ultra Distance running events and to be a nationally ranked triathlete.

Iron Man

I like hoppy beer and black iced coffee. I brew both myself. I find there is a Zen to the simple things, as there is a reward. Technology is ever changing. But, the experience should be improving on the same curve.

I believe that helping people see how technology can reduce stress, increase efficiency and create meaningful interactions is my greatest gift.

In business and in life we are either progressing upwards towards our goals or falling behind. 

I'm looking for Partners that want to grow and succeed. They come as members of my direct team, as our clients that want to join on a path of sustainable growth and as technology and service providers that support us both.

We welcome you to join us.


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