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Bill DeBoer: Inbound Marketing To Create Auto Shop Growth

The Passion for Cars & Technology Entwined

Bill DeBoer, Bill Jr., graduated from Penn State and earned his B.S. in Business Management, as well as obtaining Automotive Technology certifications. Following college, Bill Jr. joined his father, Bill Sr., in 1997 in the family business. At that time, DeBoer's Auto celebrated their 15th year in business.

Bill's love of automotive technology has earned him numerous nationally recognized credentials. His ingenuity and passion for new ideas and paths has helped him lead DeBoer's Auto through the peaks and valleys of owning and operating an Auto Sales and Repair Shop.

DeBoer's Auto Front Image

Bill's leadership was challenged after some difficult years following the recession. If you know Bill, he's not the sort of person to back down from a challenge. He's quick on his feet and digs deep to find a solution.

After much research, analysis and contemplation into how to improve their daily car count, reach more potential customers, and improve business and management practices; Bill began to take a closer look at their marketing ROI and it wasn't good. DeBoer's Auto was spending more money per year with less return.

Bill crossed the paths of Inbound Marketing, HubSpot and Business Actualization and the rest as they say is...HISTORY! As Bill and his team began to implement the Inbound methodologies to their marketing efforts, their hard work and dedication to the process began to pay off big dividends.

The numbers speak volumes to Bill and DeBoers' Auto's commitment to employing Inbound methodology in every facet of their business to promote auto shop growth. From the person answering the phone, the Service Advisor assisting the customer in their repair decisions, to the technicians working the repairs - everyone understands the role they play on the team.

Looking at the numbers and comparing June 2014 and June 2015:
  • Website visitors increased 70%
  • Leads increased 200%
  • New customers are up 263%

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Deboer's Auto Staff Image

Ask Bill and he will tell you that as auto repair shops develop their marketing strategies they face 3 critical challenges:

  • How do I analyze and measure each marketing platform or tactic?
  • How do I increase profitable repair orders and grow my customer base consistently?
  • How do I choose a marketing agency that understands the automotive repair industry?

When Bill met Adam Kushner, Owner of Business Actualization, he knew he found the solution to these 3 challenges. Adam's background in the automotive industry and inbound marketing meant that he understood the challenges of the auto repair shop and sales business and his company could help DeBoer's Auto increase their car count.

The success that DeBoers has experienced with Business Actualization in his camp has formed a partnership between Adam and Bill.

Today, Bill serves as Business Actualization Chief Evangelist. Bill is excited to share his experiences with other independent auto repair shop owners - the path of partnering with Business Actualization, engaging Inbound methodologies and HubSpot.

Embracing these changes, DeBoer's Auto can now compete with the dealerships who have a larger marketing budget without having to overspend. 

Bill Deboer, Jr.  DeBoer's Auto
Auto Repair Shop Growth

Auto repair shop growth can be achieved through proven processes that result in sustainable growth. Reach out to us and learn more about how we can apply these tactics to your marketing.

Overcome the peaks and valleys of owning and operating an Auto Sales and/or Repair Shop.

Join Bill DeBoer and begin building your auto repair shop audience. Stop spending money on outbound marketing and start delighting your prospects and customers.

Read more about Bill's journey in the February 2016 Ratchet & Wrench Article.

Adam Kushner - Auto Repair Shop Marketing Expert

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