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Tips On Pictures & Video For Auto Repair Shop Marketing

It can be challenging to have good photographs and videos for your auto repair shop if you are not hiring a professional. If you are unable to hire a professional, you can use the human element, not pictures of the inside of the shop, to show your company brand and culture.


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Auto Repair Shop Marketing In Transformative Times

This article could have been written prior to the round table discussion at the 2017 Ratchet & Wrench Conference, but it would have been incomplete. Incomplete because it would have lacked the input from the top shop operators that sat down at the round table discussions. Premature because I needed the input from my peers to complete my take on how revolutionary our industry niche is.

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The 2017 Ratchet & Wrench Management Conference Is Over, Now What?

The Ratchet & Wrench Management Conference could be compared to a 20 Group meeting environment. Owners of some of the top auto repair shops in the United States gathered together in one place for two days of collaboration. As I fly home, I ask myself, now what? How can we take what we have learned back to our auto repair shops and apply it? What are the key takeaways, and how do we bring the energy back to our shops?

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