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Search Engine Marketing's (SEM’s) Low Hanging Fruit

SEM or Search Engine Marketing generally means paid advertising. The opposite of SEO, Search Engine Optimization, which focuses on website traffic from organic, or non-paid sources. Inbound marketing is traditionally a focus on organic website traffic, but even the Inbound leaders like Hubspot acknowledge the place SEM has in online marketing. For it to be low hanging fruit it must be cost-effective, targeted and result in a quantifiable return on investment.

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Review Generation For Auto Repair Shops: Forget About Demandforce And Kukui

If you are using Demandforce or Kukui for customer follow-up, you may be missing out on some key benefits reviews have for your digital marketing. Platform independent reviews may have lost their Klout. It’s an ever-changing landscape, this means that generating reviews controlled by a third party (Like Demandforce, Kukui, Yelp, Facebook or even Google) have a dynamic value proposition.

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