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Google Adwords, Facebook & Bing Ad Campaigns Every Business Should Be Running

Traditionally many businesses shy away from paid ad campaigns. We explain three types of Adwords, Bing & Facebook Ad Campaigns every business should be running.

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Common Objections To Recording Video For Auto Repair Shop Marking

Leveraging video to market your business is extremely important and it should be your primary focus in 2017. Do not fail to start leveraging video due to these common objections.


Video Transcription (Edited): Leveraging video to market your business is extremely important. It is something that we have been focusing on for 2017. I just wanted to cover some of the primary reasons that we find that people object to using video in their marketing or just recording a video and getting it to us so we can leverage it.

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Are Bots The QR Code Of 2017

Are Facebook Messenger Bots the next QR code? Will they come and go, creating hype but never delivering any real value to the marketer, the business or the consumer? Building a Facebook Messenger subscriber list could replace email marketing as the best way to re-engage previous customers or potential new customers. Or, will Bots come and go with some hype as the QR code did?

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