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How To A Run Next Level Marketing Campaign For Your Auto Repair Shop

Marketing like the pros takes a lot of work- you can take a few steps to leverage Google and Facebook, and have some marketing budget left over. Hopefully, this article will at least get you moving in the right direction! If you are really trying to get your name in front of people, you will want to set your sights on where they spend most of their time while on the internet, Facebook and Google. Next level campaigns start with strategy and leveraging best practices for each platform, so let’s lay down a solid foundation for your digital marketing.

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Mastermind Groups vs. 20 Groups To Grow Your Auto Repair Shop And Our Industry

Being part of a community has many benefits from collaboration to just being able to feel good about helping others. Let’s discuss communities that are beyond your local business area and focus on your industry communities. There are plenty to choose from but we are going to discuss Mastermind Groups and 20 Groups. After this quick read you will be able to see which group or “community” we tend to favor.

How To Quantify ROI From Review Generation

We have become very educated consumers. No problem with that, we just want to make sure we are getting the best quality for our money. For me, my routine is to go straight to the reviews after I read the title and look at all the pictures. I’m not alone when it comes to reading and trusting reviews. Over 80 percent of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from their friends.

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Call Tracking and Recording Best Practices For Auto Repair Shops

Call tracking and recording a way to bridge the gap between your online marketing efforts and your offline results. Leverage call tracking to optimize your marketing and determine your return on investment. Call recording can be used for training and to ensure your sales team is closing the leads generated by your marketing.

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How To Quantify ROI From Facebook Ads


The tides have shifted making Facebook one of the most crucial places to ensure you have ads placed for your business. However, Facebook is making it increasingly difficult for your content to get in front of prospects organically. So in order for you to turn these prospects into leads, you have to spend money on Facebook ads. The question that we all ask as business owners is: How much ROI will I have when I invest in Facebook ads. That is a loaded question, however, today we will look at how to calculate your ROI.

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